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We will employ the sum of our training, experience, and ability in the care of your horses' hooves with a focus on maintaining or restoring soundness and enhancing performance. We invest considerable resources into continuing education and keeping our practice current with the developing science of Farriery. We will gladly work with your trainer, vet or other full-time horse care professionals for the good of your horses, and we will suggest that such professional be consulted when appropriate.

But "instruction" from non-professionals does not justify incorrect shoeing practice on our part. We will make every effort to stay on schedule and to arrive for appointments on time. We attempt to call ahead if we are running behind schedule, and to give as much notice as possible should we have to cancel.

-We do not work on Sundays

-We do not work in the rain or snow

-We prefer not to refit the work of a previous Farrier

To provide you with the best quality work:

         We ask that your horse be well mannered/disciplined--please

         We require a suitable, well lighted working area (no mud, sand, tall grass and weeds, uneven ground). Concrete or asphalt is preferred. Hard pack gravel or dirt will work. In inclement weather, shoeing/trimming can only be done if you have a large enough covered area for the horse and at least the rear half of the shoeing rig, if shoeing, as well as very good artificial lighting. If you are unable to provide such an area, please reschedule your horse. Please do call and cancel if you realize that weather or other factors will make shoeing unsafe or miserable in the facilities you have available.

         We ask that your horse be tied (or held) and that the horse and its feet are clean and free of mud, dirt, oils, etc. at the scheduled time. 

         We prefer to observe the horse in motion (walk and trot) prior to starting work (to evaluate way of going, needed corrections/lameness, etc.).

         If your horse is too energetic, turn-out or lunging before we arrive is recommended.

         If we are working at feeding time, please feed your horse before we begin (hungry horses usually don't stand well and we don't mind if they smell us but we draw the line at them trying to eat us).

         We welcome questions and conversation.

         If working on a mare with foal, please have the foal restrained (halter & lead rope is fine).

         If your horse is not behaving, we ask that you discipline your horse. (Not while we are under the horse. Give us time to move yourself and tools to a safe distance).

         We ask you that you maintain a regular shoeing/trimming schedule. Waiting until your horse loses shoes or is past due for a trim, usually results in severely damaged feet, which reduces the quality of our work.

         Our business hours are Monday through Saturday. In the Field 8:00 am/6:00 pm Office 6:00 am/10:00 pm Please respect these times when calling for appointments, questions, etc.

         If you need to cancel an appointment please give us as much notice as possible.

         We accept cash or checks as payment at time of service.

         We itemize your receipts fully and a price list is available on request.

         We maintain a database on your horses shoeing/trimming needs, schedules, work performed etc. This is available to you at any appointment.

         Depending on our work load, expect approximately one to two weeks in the winter when calling for an appointment. In the summer, two to three weeks when calling for an appointment. (Does not apply for appointments made at time of last shoeing or trimming.)

         If your horse has lost a shoe (or a shoe is loose) please call right away. We try to work a lost shoe into the schedule so that your horse can have the shoe replaced within a few days at most. Trip charges may apply.

Therapeutic and weighted shoes do not carry a warranty against loss. Horses wearing these types of shoes should be kept on dry ground, and the feet must be cleaned daily. Mud, slop, manure, and urine all cause soft hoof walls; therapeutic and weighted shoes cause more strain on the wall as well and requires more maintenance. It is the owner's responsibility to clean the feet daily and keep the horse out of mud and in a clean environment.

We can order any type of shoe for your horse. If you want something out of the norm, advance notice must be given; you will receive a price estimate at that time. Due to the enormous number of shoes and equipment available, it is impossible to stock them all.

If it is determined that veterinary assistance is needed, the client is responsible for charges accrued for that call, as well as any follow-u calls. Veterinary expenses are also the client's responsibility.

Cast shoes are an uncommon problem, and are almost always due to environmental conditions or horse activity. Usually, a shoe is pulled when the horse is in a muddy environment and is running around or catches it in a fence or with a hind foot. Poor hoof quality will also contribute to a cast shoe. If your horse unexpectedly loses a shoe, I will reset it as soon as possible. There is a charge for this service, depending on distance traveled to you and whether the shoe can be reset or if a new shoe is needed. Please check shoes daily and make an appointment for a reset before the hoof gets overlong or the shoes become loose.  

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